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10 ways to prepare for the upcoming season

The beginning of high season is almost here, the time when guests arrive in mass, from all over the world, expecting you to provide the most relaxing getaway. Now is the perfect time to review key areas to ensure that you deliver the best possible experience.

[2024 Marketing Calendar] - Official festivities and celebrations for the hotel industry

Here's a marketing calendar to help you plan your schedule, aligning your marketing activities with the most important international holidays and celebrations. You'll find traditional festivals, world days dedicated to important causes, or landmark events of global significance. Use

Cybersecurity basics

Data leaks from hotel chains, OTAs or reservation platforms are commonplace in the field of cybersecurity, and are shaking up the entire hotel and tourism sector. All hotels are affected by this threat and can be subject to attack, even small independent hotels. The reason for this is that

GUIDE: 10 tips to optimise upselling in your hotel

Upsell(ing) consists in offering customers options or services in addition to their reservation. The aim is to encourage customers to spend more to enhance their stay. The challenge is to offer services adapted to guest, at the most opportune moment to maximize hotel revenues. 

The best practices for hoteliers to digitalise the guest journey

Some hoteliers have realised that digitalisation allows them to better respond to the expectations of guests, to be more efficient, to generate additional sales and to collect data to increase loyalty. Here is an overview of the best practices used by Spanish hoteliers in digitalising the guest journey.




Why investing in a strong guest relationship throughout the stay is essential for a hotel

Initiating and maintaining contact with a guest has a lot of advantages. Here are 6 ways hotels will benefit when they invest in their guest relationship by listening to them, being ready to help and providing information when they need it.


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Instant messaging applications play a crucial role in our lives. They are used on a daily basis to communicate with our loved ones, allowing us to keep in touch while physically separated. The COVID-19 crisis has led to an increase in the use of these applications (with 45% of the world's population using them).


Guide to dematerialised and secure payment in the hotel industry

Which hotelier has never had problems with unpaid bills? The hotel industry is one of the only services that offers the payment phase after the service has been completed, a very old habit that nevertheless causes problems for some establishments. Between fraud, payment disputes and high commission rates...


Mapping the Hotel Guest Journey

The traveller's journey is made up of many touch points, each of which represents an opportunity for the hotelier to create a unique relationship with its guest. Here, at each stage of the journey and among the vast offer of travel tech: the tools used by the hotel guest during his journey the most important ones...


Top 3 smart in-room technology to impress your guests

- 5 minute read - Despite living in an increasingly millennial world, technology for the sake of technology can often be frustrating and futile. However, with guests open to discovering new technologies in hotels to help simplify and get the most out of their stay, it is...


What software do I choose for my hotel? 2/2

- 6 minutes to read - [READ THE FIRST PART HERE] Today, the day-to-day management of a hotel can only be done with the help of IT solutions. However, there is so much software on the market that it is difficult to differentiate the functions of each of them. Moreover, all these software packages are evolving...


What software do I choose for my hotel? 1/2

- 6 minute read - Nowadays the day-to-day management of a hotel cannot be done without the help of IT solutions. However, there are so many softwares available on the market that it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between each one and their different functions. What’s more, these software are all constantly evolving and offering functions that...