Segment your database and increase your guest loyalty

Target your guests as accurately as possible

Create ultra-precise guest lists based on the criteria you want

Combine as many criteria as you want

Segments allow you to group together similar guests. The more criteria you combine within a segment, the more precise your guest list will be. This allows you to fine-tune the messages or offers you send them.

Some examples of segmentation criteria (which can be combined): 

  • Stays: guests who have stayed in the hotel or in [x] establishments of the hotel group more than [x] times, guests who always book a certain type of room...
  • The services: the guests who enjoyed the spa, the restaurant, ...
  • Expenditure: guests who spent more than [x] £.
  • Length of the stay : guests who came for a weekend, guests who came for Valentine's Day, Christmas, ...
  • Level of influence: guests who have more than [x] followers on social media
  • Satisfaction: guests who rated their experience more than 4/5
  • Geographical criteria : guests from a particular country, county or city; speaking a particular language or of a particular nationality

Benefit from an extremely flexible segmentation that adapts to your strategy

Adding or excluding clients is extremely easy to set up:

  • Use as many AND / OR rules as you want
  • Create subgroups to facilitate the  ranking of criteria
  • Easily include or exclude a category of guest

Have at all your guest typologies at your fingertips

Create your marketing personas and implement initiatives to build guest loyalty: VIP+ guests, Regular Spa guests, Potential last minute guests, Restaurant guests, Booking guests, Regular group guests, Satisfied guests who left a review, Influential guests, etc.

Create as many guest lists as you want!

Lists are continuously saved and updated

Find your segments where you need them

Your guest lists can be used anywhere you want:

  • In your marketing emails to better target your offers and guest loyalty initiatives
  • In your transactional campaigns by email / WhatsApp / SMS / Chat for personalised communication before, during and after the stay
  • In your statistics dashboard to get to know your personas' habits 
  • In the arrivals schedule for the reception
  • On the guest file, to quickly view the type of guest 

A great deal of time and efficiency is saved at reception, the tool is extremely useful, and our employees' daily work is really improved.

Romain Binet

General Manager, Biografy Group

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It is important for us to support our guests and to be available to them at all times. Our reception is in constant contact with our guests through emails before their stay, and through chat we can answer their questions whenever they want.

Magalie Boullery

Marketing Coordinator, HOTELS & CO

Read the client case study

Combine segments on your different hotel sites

Identify guests who have stayed in your different establishments multiple times. Or, on the contrary, encourage guests who have already visited one of your hotels to discover another.

Client lists by establishment or by group 

Finally reward your best guests

How do you identify your VIP guests?

Now you can have a list of your VIP guests and reward them appropriately. Whether it's a guest who has spent a lot of money with you, who has spent a lot of time with you, who has stayed in your establishment more than [x] times or a guest who has stayed in to another one of your establishments, you will finally be able to identify them so you can thank them.



Adapt your messages with guests

People of different ages, couples and groups, business and leisure guests, etc. are all addressed differently.

Send highly-targeted newsletters

Send highly-targeted offers by guest typology, with as many criteria as you wish, and engage your guests with personalised newsletters.

Build guest loyalty

Combine several criteria to list your regular guests who have spent a lot of money and expressed their satisfaction. You can finally give your best guests the recognition they deserve!

Give guests a personalised welcome

The segments appear on the arrivals/departures list to allow Reception to see at a glance desk which guests require attention.

Relevant guest analysis

With LoungeUp Analytics, visually analyse the characteristics of your guests and their stays. Dive into the data by segment and/or by date range.

List the guests in your group

Some segments may be dedicated to one establishment or  shared by the group. For example, hotel groups can target guests who have been to several of its establishments.

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