Customer support

Beyond the technology, LoungeUp sets itself apart
with the quality of our customer support

Customer Success Management

Be supported by a dedicated point of contact

Each LoungeUp client is accompanied by a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM). As the name suggests, the CSM is at the service of the client's success: he is theprivileged and regular contact of the client, whose needs and problems he understands for an efficient collaboration.

Customer Success Management

A personal relationship every step of the way


During this phase, the Customer Success Manager leads meetings with the customer to determine the perfect configuration to suit their objectives. They are then responsible for carrying out this configuration before handing the "keys" to the back office to the customers.


The Customer Success Manager will train the customer in the optimal use of the platform. These initial trainings are carried out in the customer's environment for more efficiency.


Throughout the partnership, follow-up meetings are held between the customer and the Customer Success Manager to analyse the results, monitor the new objectives and adjust the configuration accordingly. These follow-up meetings are also an opportunity to present the new features on the platform.


You are never on your own

Because we know it is often easier to  speak to someone than read generic documents, our support team is available at all times to help all our customers to use the LoungeUp platform, no matter their contract.

Our team is available via phone, email or chat, in French, English and Spanish to answer all our customers. Each request is processed in a tracking tool so that no request is ever left unanswered.

Average response time: 2 hours


Our free support resources

We also have resources available in French, English and Spanish to give our customers access to all relevant information about the solution.

Knowledge base

At any time, customers can access a knowledge base that describes how each feature of the LoungeUp platform works.

Free online training

Several times a month, the Customer Success Managers organise one-hour training sessions on a specific topic. This is an opportunity for our customers to discover or find out more about certain features.

Private group for LoungeUp users

A private group on Linkedin is reserved for our customers. In this group, we share previews of information, conduct surveys to anticipate certain needs and try to maintain a network of professionals who share a passion for guest relations.