The best in technology to deliver Security, Reliability, Privacy and Scalability to all our customers.


Our Research & Development team, based in Toulouse, France, is completely in-house. This means that each member of the team contributes to the construction of a quality, secure, reliable and scalable platform.


A constantly evolving platform

Our developments are carried out according to Agile methods, which allows us to deliver new features and functional developments continuously (every 15 days) in line with our customers' needs.

Our engineers also devote a significant amount of their time to research and contribute to certain open source projects. This time invested in research allows us to follow innovations and make relevant technological choices to continually evolve our platform.


General Data Protection Regulation

Our platform, hosted in France, complies with the General Data Protection Regulation. LoungeUp acts as a subcontractor, providing data privacy and data security to its customers, who are responsible for processing the data.

LoungeUp’s configuration capabilities allow us to adapt our solution to our customers’ Privacy Policies (processed data, data retention, display of the privacy policy...). 


The security of our customers' data is of utmost concern for us


Hosting is provided in two data centres located in France, more than 20km apart, both of which are ISO 27001 certified.

Safety audits

Penetration tests by independent auditors, quarterly vulnerability scans, real-time activity monitoring based on Prometheus, error monitoring based on Sentry: we constantly audit the infrastructure and applications.


Audit logs to identify and record any access to systems and any access or modification to data on those systems.


The platform is always here for you

The stability of our solution is crucial to ensure our customers can operate smoothly. As such, we are committed to maximising the availability of our services.


Our teams have built an extremely reliable platform. We offer total transparency as to the real-time status of our platform as well as a history of incidents. In recent years, the service has had an availability of more than 99.9%.

Business continuity

A dedicated team works to ensure that the infrastructure functions properly: hourly data backups, backups at remote sites and procedures for restoring services in the event of unavoidable failures.


A few years ago, we began a containerisation process for our services (based on Docker and Kubernetes) to ensure both high availability and scalability (horizontal and vertical scaling), enabling us to meet our customers' needs at any time of the day.