Respond to guests
from your smartphone

by SMS, E-mail, WhatsApp,
Facebook Messenger...

Manage all requests from your mobile

Manage all requests in one place

Regardless of the type of request, or the channel used to send it, you will receive all guest messages on your phone and so can answer them instantly:

  • Proactive messaging by SMS/WhatsApp/chat..., requesting information or assistance for a common problem
  • Ordering services (spa, restaurant, bar, wake-up call, cab...)
  • Booking activites (in-hotel or with partner companies)
  • Reporting technical problems
  • Cleaning request, linen change, declining housekeeping service
  • In-stay survey and satisfaction questionaire...

All of your teams can use it

There is no limit to the number of users that can be added to the application. Each type of request can be assigned to a specific contact point, therefore employees will only notified by relevant messages, for example:

  • The reception team (receptionist, concierge, reception manager...)
  • The restaurant / bar team
  • The spa team
  • The housekeeping team (general manager, valet/housekeeper...)
  • The maintenance team (technician, caretaker...) ...

A great deal of time and efficiency is saved at reception, the tool is extremely useful, and our employees' daily work is really improved.

Romain Binet

General Manager, Biografy Group


It is important for us to support our guests and to be available to them at all times. Our reception is in constant contact with our guests through emails before their stay, and through chat we can answer their questions whenever they want.

Magalie Boullery

Marketing Coordinator, HOTELS & CO


Message statuses

Facilitate collaboration
between co-workers

Each message your hotel receives will have a status assigned to it (not read, not processed, pending, in progress, completed, archived) which allows you to see the progress of each request at a single glance, and to quickly identify those which are more urgent and those not yet processed.

With a single click, you can filter conversations by status.

Never miss an order

Each time a new order is placed, you will be notified by an alarm which will continue until the request is processed.

After a set period of time without the request being completed, an SMS is sent to a specific contact to ensure that nothing is forgotten.

Be notified of each request

Message templates

Save time responding to guests with message templates. They allow you to create set messages, for example, an order confirmation, a thank you message, a list of the hotel’s services, check-in/out information, answers to FAQs, etc.

The benefits of message templates:

  • Speed up guest response time while also increasing your teams' productivity
  • Fewer oversights and errors when communicating information, not only to guests, but also between colleagues
  • Help your teams provide excellent customer service (new employee, trainee, replacement, night receptionist...)
  • Harmonised guest communication (messages, style, vocabulary used, etc.)
  • Fewer spelling and typing errors and improved translations (using multilingual templates)

Multi-site management

Integrate contact points
from multiple establishments

You can manage several contact points at the same time, tracking each department’s various requests, even across multiple establishments. You will receive messages and orders in separate channels. You are not limited by the number of contact points.




No guest request is forgotten, each employee is notified on their smartphone, only by requests relevant to them. The status system indicates whether the request is being processed or not.

Guest satisfaction

Teams are more proactive and better organised, therefore they respond more quickly to guest requests. Additionally, guests feel supported and listened to.


The application can be used on mobile or tablet devices, on iOS or Android. Its simple configuration allows all colleagues to use it. 

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