Provide easier access to rooms

Virtual key
on smartphone

Make your guest journey 100% mobile

Overcome the limitations 
of physical keys 
or keycards

Give your guests control over their stay: the guest's phone transforms into a remote that can be used at all times to control their journey, personalise their stay, and access the various facilities in your establishment.

Reduce costs

Physical keycards can amount to several thousand euros per year. With mobile keys, you no longer have to replace cards that malfunction or that your guests lose or steal.
Also reduce your use of plastic (keycards) or cardboard (card holders).

  • Save between 2 and 3€ per card
  • And several hundred euros per year

Mobile keys allow us to better manage late-arriving guests by giving them a way to check in on their mobile and access their room without a physical card.

Maxime de Charry

Manager, Avama Prony Hotel ***.


The LoungeUp app has enabled mmv to fully achieve the pre- and in-stay guest journey we were looking for. The solution offers features that simplify the guest and staff journey, and streamline guest interactions on mobile. Thanks to the simplicity of the back-office and the flexibility of the LoungeUp team, the app is technically integrated with our app and our teams have already taken to it.

Romain Fonteneau

Digital Project Manager, mmv


Optimise your reception team's precious time

Let LoungeUp
manage the keys

The most notable benefit of mobile keys for the reception team is the amount of time saved during check-in and check-out. No more encoding and cleaning keycards, or having to replace them when they are not working, everything is automated! Even if there is a room change, the mobile key is updated directly on the guest's phone.

Make it easy to access your facilities

Mobile keys can be used to open the guest's room but also to use the lift, access the gym, the spa or any other common area.

It couldn't be easier

Automated sending and identity verification

Verification of the guest's identity

Text or email the link to download the key to the guest's phone. To get the key, the guest has to confirm their identity (double identification by SMS, like validating a bank transaction). Once retrieved, the key is accessible at any time, even without internet connection.


Key points

Guest security

Mobile keys are more secure than any keycard


LoungeUp is certified by most international lock providers.

100% mobile

The guest journey is made paperless on the guest's phone, including their room key

Client satisfaction

The shorter the wait, the more satisfied the guest will be. A mobile key helps to reduce check-in time considerably


The mobile key is a distinctive feature that enhances the digital experience of the stay

Guest expectations

60% of travellers prefer to choose a hotel that offers paperless check-in and mobile room access

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Interact with and support your guests whenever they need, on the platform of their choice. Efficiently manage all of your interactions on a single screen.


LoungeUp Analytics

View key guest data, analyse your clientele, and optimise your marketing strategies and guest loyalty.


Personalised upselling

Offer the services your guests want, when they want them, to maximise your additional sales without causing bother.


Online check-in

Simplify administrative procedures for your guests and your teams. Transform your check-in into a personal welcome.


Operations - Dmbook

Never miss another guest request thanks to the virtual logbook shared across your teams. The handover process will never be the same.



Centralise guest data in a single database. Take advantage of LoungeUp technology to enrich and segment your database.


Digital room directory

Your guests can book your services on their phone or tablet in just a few clicks: room service, spa treatments, restaurant reservations, late check-out, activities, events etc. They can chat with reception, read the news, check the weather, and much more!


Virtual Logbook

Keep track of everything that's going on in your establishment every day.



Don't miss any guest requests and keep track of what's going on in your hotel.


Staff Companion

Respond to your guests from your smartphone, whatever channel they use to contact you (chat, WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, etc.).