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Top 3 smart in-room technology to impress your guests

Despite living in an increasingly millennial world, technology for the sake of technology can often be frustrating and futile.

However, with guests open to discovering new technologies in hotels to help simplify and get the most out of their stay, it is more important than ever to provide that wow factor that makes you stand out from the crowd.

In this day and age guests don’t want to have to wait for the latest developments, so it is up to you to be ahead of the times. Even at the forefront of technology, a person’s first time experience.is always one that they remember. Do what is necessary, and no doubt your hotel will leave a lasting impression.

To help, we have composed below a list of 3 simple in-room technologies that we believe have the ability to really impress your guests.


Although wireless charging has been around for several years, Apple joining the movement means that now is its time to really take off. It won’t be long before it becomes ubiquitous, so ideally you want to be amongst the first to provide this transformative service in your hotel rooms.

What is wireless charging?

Wireless charging is exactly as it sounds; it is the ability to transfer power to your device, from a power outlet without the use of cables.. "Qi" (pronounced ‘chee’) is the leading wireless charging standard which has been adopted by most major smartphone manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Nokia, and Blackberry.

Why should you have it in your hotel?

When it comes to travellers, they are always looking for ways to make their journeys more hassle-free. With wireless charging in their hotel rooms, your guests no longer have to suffer from the all-too-common inconvenience of forgetting their charger or even an adaptor. It is a universal, practical and efficient device.

With the market developing at a fast rate, it is even possible to integrate wireless charging virtually seamlessly into your hotel. Installation can be done quickly and requires little investment, either by using the Qi wireless charging pads or even by building the devices into furniture such as tables and armchairs.


The Yooma app (powered by LoungeUp) opens Salto keyless entry

Keyless entry defines practicality and accessibility, two aspects that go a long way with travellers. However, it is important to note that this type of service is not necessarily as relevant to all types of hotels.

What is keyless entry?

In short, keyless entry is using a smartphone to unlock your hotel room doorinstead of a physical room key or keycard. A ‘key’ is sent virtually from the hotel to an app which includes an encrypted code able to unlock a hotel room door through bluetooth, by simply holding it near the lock or pressing on a button on your phone, depending on the app.

Why should you have it in your hotel?

Keyless entry is ideal for hotels with a typically longer stay duration or for resorts. Yooma Urban Lodge Hotel is the perfect example, as it is for groups of travellers and families who need to be able to access and leave their rooms with ease. Keyless entry eliminates the many frustrations that can arise during these types of stay, such as someone losing their key, struggling to find it in their bulging pockets, or forgetting it altogether in their room.

Keyless entry also plays a big role in increasing loyalty within guests, since after visiting once they will have the app downloaded on their phone and hence will be more inclined to stay at the same hotel again, especially if they have enjoyed the experience. This can be especially useful for chain hotels.

Furthermore, keyless entry simplifies the check-in stage for guests, saving time on both sides and streamlining the whole process for the relevant hotels. Coupled with a pre check-in system, keyless entry allows the guests to go directly to their rooms upon arrival.

However, it is important to note that having a human representative at reception is still highly valued by guests so the option of face-to-face interaction is still available to them.

With respect to the security of the hotel, the digital key is encrypted and registered to guests’ phone numbers so that it can’t be transferred to another mobile device.


A mirror no longer has to be just a mirror. Using a smart mirror you can incorporate high technology unobtrusively into your hotel room whilst not compromising on luxury or design, serving as an incredible touchpoint between you and your guests.

What is a Smart Mirror?

Smart mirrors epitomize the idea of there being ‘more beneath the surface’. Whilst still initially appearing and functioning as a traditional mirror, by simple touch activation your hotel mirror can become a digital concierge service as well as a platform for guests to control room functions and watch and listen to a range of content.

Most importantly is that guests can interact with the hotel, such as ordering and booking services, or receiving local information and personalised recommendations.

Why should you have it in your hotel?

Smart mirrors are an innovative way to improve guest experience. You provide your guests with the information and control they need, whilst also creating a new means of contact between them and your hotel.

These days, with such advanced technology able to do almost anything for us, it’s easy to become lazy and let it do so, which can create increasingly impersonal experiences. However, smart mirrors increase the ease at which guests can contact the hotel and so in turn bring back this connectivity, giving hotels a new opportunity to improve its personal touch and ensure instantaneous guest satisfaction.

Companies such as Electric Mirror, Panasonic and the French start-up Anna are amongst the first to provide this innovative product.

With the incredibly large choice of new and exciting technologies that are constantly being created, it is always important to choose appropriately according to your establishment. Even more important is to make sure that they are easy to use so that they are suitable for all of your guests. Finally, bear in mind that this is an excellent means to stick in your guests’ minds and even get them to talk about you, because – unlike with bedding or breakfast for example – it is an area in which there are not so many expectations and where you have more of a margin to surprise.


Written by Marylou

Photo Credits: Architonic, Yooma, Panasonic


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