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GUIDE: 10 tips to optimise upselling in your hotel

Upselling involves offering guests options or services in addition to their reservation. 

The aim is to encourage guests to spend more, in order to enhance their stay. The challenge is to offer the right services at the right time to maximise the hotel's revenue. 

When upselling automated and  done in an intelligent way, not only does the hotel easily generate more additional revenue, but the guest experience is enhanced and guest satisfaction increases

Smart upselling brings many benefits to the hotel: 

  • more value for the guest, who feels suppported rather than overwhelmed 
  • enhances the guest's stay and experience
  • boosts hotel sales 
  • promotes local businesses
  • saves time for operational teams by automating procedures and proactively sending information

The average additional revenue generated varies between €2 and €15 per reservation, and is not limited to the most luxurious establishments: all types of hotel can easily generate additional sales. 

Discover our 10 tips to boost bookings of your services and generate more revenue by downloading our guide. 

Enjoy reading and best of luck with your upselling!

Further reading:

Download the Upsell guide


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