Webinar: Payment: the key to an efficient and secure online booking process

The Next Tourism event took place on 3 June 2021 and brought together some of the leading decision-makers in the tourism sector to review innovations and trends in the context of the health crisis.

LoungeUp worked with LyraLyra LoungeUp has been involved with the guest journey during the booking process and more particularly around the payment process

🎦 Payment: the key to an efficient and secure online booking process

What dematerialized path should be offered to customers to provide them with a user experience that meets their new concerns?

On the agenda:
1️⃣ Replace check-in with welcome
2️⃣ Dematerialise payment

The speakers:

Mathieu Pollet - CEO and Co-founder of LoungeUp

Ronan Dauxais - Sales engineer at Lyra

⏳ Duration: 22 minutes

Watch the webinar here:


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