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Success Story: Hostellerie La Cheneaudière

Presentation of La Cheneaudière

  • 5-star hotel
  • Member of Relais & Châteaux
  • Location: Colroy-La-Roche

The Hostellerie La Cheneaudière & Spa is a charming 5-star house, member of Relais & Châteaux, located in Colroy-La-Roche, a small village nestled at an altitude of 530 meters in the heart of Alsace. With its water springs, pure air, and preserved nature, the stays here are filled with the murmur of fir trees and birdsong. 

  • ❧ 40 rooms and suites
  • ❧ a 2,500m2 Nature Spa featuring 4 outdoor pools, 5 saunas, 1 hive hamman, wood baths, a sparkling beach, sensation showers and Europe's largest Flotarium
  • ❧ A gastronomic restaurant with the best products of Alsace, and a cosy bar 'Le Calixte'
  • ❧ Rooms for seminars or private events

Their technological equipment:

Their results 📈:

  • 10% of Hostellerie customers add an extra service to their stay
  • ➢ In one month, the complementary options generated after booking represent approximately €6500
  • ➢ In 2022, nearly €70,000 was generated thanks to LoungeUp
  • 86% of emails sent are opened (out of around 50k emails)
  • ➢ Approximately 20k users consulted the guest portal

The project with LoungeUp

LoungeUp is a great pre- and post-stay contact tool for our guests. We also use it as a means of communication during the guest stay to provide a tailor-made experience.
- Jean-René Grau, Director

La Cheneaudière has set up a sequence of personalised automated emails that are sent at each step of the journey, according to the dates of the guests' stay. The idea is to provide the guest with the information and services that interest them, at the moment that they need them. 

"It's important not to be too intrusive and be able to respond to a request at the right time "
- Jean-René Grau

If the messages are well crafted and the personalisation is properly set up, the guest does not need to ask for anything, everything is handed to them on a plate. There is no better way to increase their satisfaction and their impression of the hotel than being pampered and attended to by the hotelier.

We took advantage of the isolation period during the pandemic to set up these technological tools. It was important to offer our customers options without being intrusive or perceived as overly commercial. - Jean-René Grau, Director

By connecting LoungeUp's CRM to their PMS, La Chenaudière has set up a personalised and customised guest journey for each guest, based on the guest's information available to the hotel or retrieved from the guest thanks to LoungeUp:

✓ Before the stay

Sending automated emails to offer additional services tailored to the guest

Everything is done automatically. For example, the guest guest who books a room will receive an initial e-mail thanking them for booking at La Cheneaudière and suggesting various options. We play on the empathy aspect, the dream stay aspect and the well-being aspect. The guest customer is invited to choose a treatment, a suspended bed... - Jean-René Grau, Director

✓ Segmentation

Targeting hotel and spa guests

The CRM segmentation allows you to target guests who have only been to the spa (for a day or half day), or hotel guests only. This allows the team to propose tailored offers, such as coming to try the spa if they have only been to the hotel, and vice versa. 

✓ T-2 Days before arrival

Presentation of La Cheneaudière's app to consult the hotel's information, menus, schedules, online stores, digital press, etc.

The application developed by LoungeUp provides the guest with all the information they need before and during their stay. Whether it's the facilities of the establishment, the timetable, the services, the recommendations in the area, the store; everything that can help the guest to have an excellent stay is listed in the application.

There are also order modules to book a treatment or a massage at the spa, a stroll to observe the deer with a naturalist, hiking or e-bike routes, the nearby golf clubs, the ski area, etc.

" 90% of the people who receive the email download the application "

The La Chenaudière team is also presented with a chart showing the different professions: management, reception, catering, spa...

✓ Day of arrival

Sending an SMS reminding the guest of the hotel address, and wishing them a safe journey

"The guest doesn't perceive that there's a robot behind it, some people reply to us thinking we're sending the SMS ourselves""

Presentation of services and equipment

The most successful additional services are the spa treatments, but that's not all!

"The early arrival and early departure options, which allow guests to enjoy the spa for longer, are also popular. We offer classic options such as a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of champagne in the room, as well as more original options such as love boxes, which are particularly suitable for online sales.

The front desk is available at all times to answer guests' questions via chat, SMS and email. Teams manage all guest queries and orders from the Messaging Hub, which allows them to manage all communication channels on a single screen. 

Some additional statistics

➢ 10% of Hostellerie guests add an additional service to their stay
➢ In January 2023, additional options generated after booking accounted for 6500€
➢ In 2022, nearly 70000€ were generated thanks to LoungeUp
➢ 86% of emails sent were opened (out of around 50k emails)
➢ Around 20k users consulted the guest portal
➢ The Spa page is the most consulted page on the application

"In short, a guest who chooses a room at 500 euros will purchase an average of 50 euros in additional options before arriving at the establishment, knowing that options are already proposed to him during his initial reservation on the online booking engine."

All these figures show that timing is important. A guest who has just booked will be less inclined to add additional services however, a few days before their arrival, the guest is ready to add some extras to their basket. It's at this point that you should offer them to the guest, and especially the services and recommendations that suit them personally

LoungeUp therefore makes it possible to renew the services offered (automatically adapted to their needs and preferences) at the right moment: a few days before their arrival, when they are focused on their trip and want to treat themselves with extras. Throughout the stay, the guest is given recommendations and all the information they need is available directly on their phone. They can talk to the reception at any time by chat or SMS. 

Interview by Nathalie Foulon : Hotel industry, Boost your business with additional sales

Discover Hostellerie La Cheneaudière


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