Welcome to LoungeUp, Dmbook Pro!

By acquiring Dmbook Pro, LoungeUp now offers a unique guest relationship management solution coupled with a hotel operations management solution. This merger is the culmination of an initial partnership that began in 2018.

It is with immense pleasure that we welcome the Dmbook Pro teams led by Bruno Lanvin as well as their clients, who will be able to continue using their platform as usual. This acquisition will be beneficial to all Dmbook Pro clients for several reasons:

❯ The Dmbook Pro product will evolve and advance at a quicker rate by taking advantage of all of LoungeUp’s development resources

❯ The support team will be made stronger, to be able to support clients whenever necessary, with assistance available via email and telephone in French, English and Spanish

❯ As LoungeUp and Dmbook are highly complementary tools, we will strengthen their connectivity to make reception staff’s work easier and thus improve the guest experience for travellers

Why an acquisition like this in the current context?

Now more than ever, technology must be utilised to help hotel staff provide the best possible service, and to offer guests a smooth experience alongside an impeccable quality of service without the need for additional staff. Taking this into consideration, Dmbook complements LoungeUp solutions perfectly by helping reception staff to manage their various tasks and formalise their establishment’s internal processes.

Why did we choose Dmbook Pro?  

A solution created in 2013, Dmbook Pro offers features unique to the market such as online shift handovers and logbooks, checklists and automatic reminders, a knowledge base of procedures, and guest request tracking (ticketing system).

Additionally, the Dmbook teams’ ethos aligns very closely with that of the LoungeUp teams, with a focus consistently placed on guest satisfaction, proactivity and innovation.

The Dmbook team’s expertise in hotel operations management will prove extremely useful for LoungeUp’s teams, whose speciality lies in optimising the guest journey.

Finally, Dmbook Pro’s hotel clients throughout Europe express a high level of satisfaction with the solution and consider it crucial to their daily operations. The Covid-19 crisis has further highlighted the need to formalise hotels’ internal procedures, in order to be able to guarantee a high level of hygiene for their guests.

Dmbook’s operations expertise combined with LoungeUp’s guest relationship know-how confirm that this merger was a wise move to make.

Mathieu Pollet, CEO and Co-founder of LoungeUp explains:
"Dmbook Pro adds the final element we needed to help tourist accommodation providers offer an exemplary quality of service.
LoungeUp allows all types of accommodation providers to consolidate an ultra-personalised relationship with their guest right from the moment they make their booking, and to dematerialise several procedures and guest requests (check-in, additional sales, room-service…). We were missing this final step to ensure the perfect execution of guest requests launched internally within the LoungeUp tools.

The first project has been to redesign our messaging hub to respond more efficiently to messages and guest requests. This acquisition of Dmbook Pro allows hotels to track a guest request right from its creation to its completion, whether it’s initiated digitally or at the reception desk.
For the manager of an establishment, this is the best way to ensure the guest experience is of the highest possible standard from beginning to end!

Bruno Lanvin, Co-Founder of Dmbook Pro adds:
"Since the beginning of this crisis, we have been reflecting on the different improvements we could make to best meet our clients’ emerging needs during the crisis and post-crisis period. We’ve already worked with the LoungeUp team in the past to integrate our two products, which was greatly appreciated by our hotel clients and considerably enhanced their experience. This partnership with LoungeUp seemed to us to be the natural next step in Dmbook Pro’s development towards a more comprehensive and better connected solution."

The advantages of this acquisition are reciprocal. LoungeUp will benefit from Dmbook Pro’s expertise and experience in the field of hotel operations management, bringing them commercial growth on a much larger scale, as well as some of the most advanced technical expertise on the market.

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