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LoungeUp joins D-EDGE and strengthens its position as Europe's leading CRM for hotels

We are delighted to announce that LoungeUp is joining D-EDGE, one of the global leaders in the hotel technology industry.

Why this acquisition?

❯ A shared vision

This acquisition stems from a shared vision to simplify hospitality by improving every step of the guest journey, and to provide hotel teams with cutting-edge, secure technologies integrated into their ecosystem that optimise the performance of their establishments.

By joining forces, our aim is to go even further in offering our clients a unified solution that meets future market expectations.

Our mission remains unchanged: to prioritise empowering hoteliers with advanced technologies to boost their revenue.

❯ Collective values

This union is a carefully considered decision by both founders of LoungeUp, Lionel Tressens (CTO) and Mathieu Pollet (CEO). At the heart of it lies the aligning of shared values, including commitment to product quality and the importance of client and employee satisfaction. The teams of both companies are passionate about and fully dedicated to service excellence, with the same determination to provide their clients the best technology.

❯ A revolutionary outcome: total control of the guest journey

LoungeUp was the missing piece of D-EDGE's technology suite, and now completes the set of tools offered to hoteliers. This integration allows for total control over the guest journey, from driving traffic, making reservations on the hotel's website, and distribution management with D-EDGE, to preparing for arrivals, communicating during the stay, and implementing loyalty actions thanks to the total control of guest data with LoungeUp.

The guest route is 100% under control thanks to the D-EDGE x LoungeUp synergy

Managing the guest experience from A to Z offers hotels the chance to provide a consistent and high-quality experience, as well as to gather and leverage data throughout the process to improve and personalise the experience, thereby optimising the establishment's overall performance.

What this means for clients of both solutions

This collaboration now offers hoteliers a complete suite of solutions spanning the entire guest journey.

Both platforms remain independent for hotels that only wish to adopt one solution.

❯ Synergy and growth

LoungeUp and D-EDGE solutions are already connected and have a significant mutual client base. Our teams will actively work to increase the added value for our clients by pushing the synergy between the two platforms even further.

❯ Client satisfaction remains top priority

There are no planned changes to the current structure of either entity. The LoungeUp teams in Paris, Toulouse and Barcelona remain the same, and will be reinforced by upcoming recruitments. Founders Mathieu Pollet and Lionel Tressens will still lead the CRM / Guest Management within the D-EDGE group.

LoungeUp and D-EDGE clients will continue to receive the same level of support and service from their dedicated teams.

❯ Globalisation

By joining D-EDGE, with its 500 employees across 25 countries, we strengthen our position to rise to the challenge of growing internationally with success. Collaborating alongside the third-largest global player in hotel distribution technology prepares us to explore new horizons, to expand our connections, while surpassing the expectations of hotels worldwide. Together, we are ready to embrace this new dimension and offer even more tailored and efficient solutions on an international stage.

"This acquisition represents an extremely ambitious and exciting new step for LoungeUp. It is an exceptional opportunity both for the development of our solution and for our clients, who are sure to benefit the most. Our commitment to a high level of client satisfaction remains unchanged, and will even be strengthened by the consolidated support and synergies of this union. All teams are enthusiastic about the idea of working together to enhance our technology suite and to contribute to new standards of guest experience in the hotel industry."
- Mathieu Pollet, CEO and Co-Founder of LoungeUp
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