LoungeUp launches its online training platform: LoungeUp Academy

Each establishment is concerned by the training of its teams. Some more than others, since their operations require the recruitment and management of seasonal workers. 

Some positions include training in technological tools that can be tedious to manage for human resources managers or training officers who may not be familiar with these tools. 

LoungeUp is taking the lead in relieving the teams of the training of its platform. Thus, the customers of the solution have at their disposal videos to train themselves in the use of the various tools made available. 

How it works

These videos show the configuration of the platform, with a project manager guiding the user. Each course focuses on a specific product and details in several lessons how to use and implement the different functionalities, what are the best practices to adopt, how to organize yourself on a daily basis to manage customer interactions or operational tasks.

The user is guided through the platform (back-office) to enable him/her to reproduce by him/herself.

These training videos are available in self-service, the user advances in the training at his own pace and according to his availability. He can start a training and continue it later.

The LoungeUp Academy is the best way to train seasonal workers or new recruits

All facilities are concerned with training new hires, but even more so seasonal facilities that receive many new employees simultaneously. These extras must be trained quickly and efficiently. 

The LoungeUp Academy offers videos to learn how to use the platform, it explains how to update the application for customers, email / SMS / WhatsApp campaigns and gives ideas for services to push to customers, personalization of communications, always with a view to facilitate the customer journey and the work of operational staff. 

Who is the LoungeUp Academy for?

These online courses are designed for beginners who have never used LoungeUp before as well as for more experienced users who want to acquire a more advanced level of personalization and segmentation. 

The trainings are aimed at different teams and train both LoungeUp and Dmbook Pro: 

  • The reception team: how to respond to customers on the messaging hub, how to manage arrivals/departures, etc.
  • The team in charge of communication/customer experience: how to access the customer portal, how to update information and set up campaigns sent to customers via email/SMS/WhatsApp, etc.
  • Operational teams: how to manage their tasks, reminders, internal documents, etc.

The LoungeUp Academy is certifying

An employee who has been trained at theAcademy can test his/her understanding of the course he/she has taken to ensure that he/she has assimilated the important information. A quiz tests the employee on the key points of the subject and issues a diploma to certify their qualification. This diploma can be integrated into a LinkedIn profile, and can therefore be used for different employer institutions equipped with LoungeUp.

The LoungeUp Academy is regularly updated

TheAcademy 's training catalog is regularly updated to keep up with the various updates and developments of the platform. 

Each collaborator using the solution can thus keep up to date, refresh his/her memory if he/she needs to change the parameters of his/her solution, check that he/she has configured his/her product correctly, or discover new ways of using the platform. 

This Academy does not replace the individual training of the project manager dedicated to the client's establishment but complements the LoungeUp support offer. It allows customers to self-train to give them independence and the tools to configure the solution as they see fit.

More information about the LoungeUp Academy


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