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LoungeUp launches its online training platform: LoungeUp Academy

It is important for all establishments to train their staff. Some more than others, especially if their operations include the recruitment and management of seasonal workers. 

Some positions will require training in technological tools which can become tedious for HR managers or training instructors who may not be experienced in using them. 

LoungeUp is committed to helping clients train their staff on using the platform. As a result, clients are supported with instructional videos to help them learn how to use the various tools offered to them.  

How it works

These videos demonstrate how the platform is set up, with a project manager guiding the user. Each course focuses on a particular product and explains over several lessons how to use and implement the various features, which best practices to adopt, and even how to become organsied on a daily basis to manage guest interactions or operational tasks.

The user is guided through the platform (back-office) to learn how to carry out each process on their own.

These training videos are designed so that users can progress through the training at their own pace, at their convenience. They can start a course and continue it at any time.

The LoungeUp Academy is the best way to train seasonal workers or new recruits

All establishments are concerned with training new recruits, but especially seasonal establishments that receive a lot of new employees at once. This extra staff will need to be trained quickly and efficiently. 

LoungeUp Academy offers videos to guide you through using the platform, explains how to update the app for guests, email / SMS / WhatsApp campaigns, suggests which services to promote to guests, and how to personalise communications, while always aiming to facilitate the guest journey and work of operational staff. 

Who is LoungeUp Academy for?

These online courses are aimed at both beginners who have never used LoungeUp and more experienced users who want to achieve a more advanced understanding of personalisation and segmentation. 

The training courses are designed for different teams and cover both LoungeUp and Dmbook Pro: 

  • The reception team: how to answer guests on the messaging hub, how to manage arrivals/departures, etc.
  • Communications/guest experience team: how to access the guest portal, how to update information and set up campaigns sent to guests via email/SMS/WhatsApp, etc.
  • Operational teams: how to manage their tasks, reminders, internal documents, etc.

The LoungeUp Academy is certified

An employee who has been trained using Academy can test their understanding of the course they have completed to check that they have grasped all the important information. A quiz will test them on the key contents of each subject and awards a diploma as proof of their qualification. This diploma can be added to a LinkedIn profile, and therefore used at any establishlent equipped with LoungeUp.

LoungeUp Academy is regularly updated

Academy 's training catalogue is regularly expanded to keep up with the latest updates and developments of the platform. 

In this way, each team member using the solution can keep up to date, refresh their memory if they need to change the settings of their solution, check that they have configured the product correctly, or discover new ways of using the platform. 

Academy does not replace the one-to-one training provided by the project manager dedicated to each client's establishment, but rather complements the LoungeUp support service. It allows clients to train themselves in a user-friendly environment to give them the freedom and tools to configure the solution as they see fit.

More information about the LoungeUp Academy


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