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Dmbook Pro wins a trophy at the EquipHotel Innovation Awards

The Innovation Awards is a competition which takes place during the EquipHotel trade show held in Paris at Porte de Versaille. It features four categories (Design, Technology & Services, Well-being and Foodservice) and two sub-categories within each of them: "Guest Experience" and "Workplace Well-being". 

Dmbook is one of these 24 winners, for the "Technology & Services" category, "Well-being at Work" sub-category, emerging triumphant against all the other important, innovative products and solutions. 

The jury's decision counted for 70% of the final result, while the remaining 30% was the public vote cast during the event, where Dmbook Pro's clients voted in great numbers. The trophy was presented on stage by Matthieu Evrard, President of Hôtels Très Particuliers

Read the EquipHotel press release

Why does technology contribute to well-being?

This award reflects our daily experience in working with establishments that use our tool, that technology can improve quality of life and workplace well-being.  

By freeing operational teams from the most time-consuming tasks with little added value, more time can be devoted to tasks that are more rewarding. In this way, the job is brought back to its core function, for example, a receptionist welcoming their guests.

How can technology be used to streamline operations?

Automating certain procedures such as sending information, updating data, notifying relevant colleagues, reminding them of tasks, etc., makes operations easier.

How does Dmbook promote well-being at work? 

Dmbook is an operations management software that helps teams centralise everything that goes on in the hotel and all internal communications. 

In practice, Dmbook replaces the hard copy logbooks, post-its, WhatsApp groups, internal emails, and even important information shared in informal conversations. The tool centralises all internal interactions, and therefore allows you to monitor everything that happens throughout the day. Every guest order, procedure, task, message, comment, or update is centralised, combined and accessible to employees around the clock. 

The result? No guest request is overlooked, teams become more efficient, new recruits are trained more quickly and consistently, and most importantly no important information is lost.

How does it benefit on the teams?

Each employee saves 3 hours per week

Many of the hundreds of tasks managed each day are repetitive tasks that do not need to be done manually from start to finish.Technology is there to assist the employee so that they do not have to copy and paste meaningless information, or waste their precious time searching for it.  

The mental strain is reduced

Important information is made easily accessible and is effectively shared with those who need it, as the tool itself is intuitive. Even if you forget something, it is possible to communicate with teams without being present on site because the solution is accessible on any device. An additional advantage is that an employee who has finished their shift is no longer bothered by the goings-on in the hotel and does not receive any notifications, unlike with emails or WhatsApp groups.  

Internal emails are reduced to 70%.

A single platform, organised by subject, streamlines inter-team communication and keeps colleagues up to date on the progress of a request and enables them to ask for more details. 

Lost information is reduced to almost zero

Logging operations and centralising documentation helps to avoid oversights and miscommunication. All relevant employees are kept up to date on what they are doing and nobody is forgotten.

The start of each shift is optimised

The morning briefing before each shift is greatly reduced because the employees already know what urgently needs to be done, what is waiting to be done, and what has been done. Everyone has their checklist ready at the start of the shift.

Recruit onboarding is standardised and accelerated

The intranet makes it possible to centralise documentation and information about the hotel, human resources, administration, commercial offers, procedures and processes, etc. All information is regularly updated and shared. Using a system of electronic signatures, it is possible to check how much the new recruit has learnt so far.  

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