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Success Story: VIP Paris Yacht Hotel

VIP Paris Yacht Hotel presentation

  • 17-cabin yacht-hotel
  • 7 suites
  • Location: The Seine

Their technological equipment:

  • PMS : Misterbooking
  • Channel Manager /Booking Engine : Availpro
  • Guest Relationship Management : LoungeUp
  • Operations management: Dmbook (LoungeUp)
  • E-reputation: Customer Alliance

The results:

  • ➤ Additional sales generated by e-mail: €3,000 per month
  • ➤ Additional sales generated by SMS and WhatsApp: €1,000 per month
  • ➤ Open rate for transactional e-mail campaigns: between 76% and 100%.
  • ➤ WhatsApp campaign response rate: 55%.

VIP Paris is a cruise hotel offering a romantic experience on the Seine for lovers. It is the capital's only sailing yacht-hotel, with 17 double cabins including 7 suites with private spas, surrounded by a breathtaking view of Paris. 

The project

The VIP Paris Yacht Hotel called on LoungeUp with several objectives in mind:

  • Smoothing the path guest
  • Effectively inform customers before their stay about arrival procedures
  • Customize the entire route
  • Optimizing upsell
  • Facilitating operational work
  • Increase retention guest

✓ Inform customers of (special) arrival procedures

VIP Paris is the capital's only yacht hotel. Guests stay on the boat as it cruises down the Seine.

It is therefore essential that customers are well informed in advance of their arrival, so that they can be given the address and time of arrival, and so that they don't miss the boat's departure. 

To avoid this, VIP Paris sends (in addition to a summary email) an SMS to customers explaining how to access the boat on the day of arrival .

✓ Personalizing your welcome and stay

VIP Paris asks customers many questions to find out why they're coming, and to contextualize their visit: birthday, wedding, etc .

In this way, the guest file in the CRM is completed with information on the type of stay and expectations, so that messages and services can be tailored to suit. 

The different types of customers each have their own path and communication channels:

  • Business customers: Trade shows, one-off meetings, recurring meetings, seminars, press presentations, corporate events, etc.
  • Leisure customers : birthdays, wedding celebrations, get-togethers, honeymoons, engagements, concerts, etc.
  • Restaurant guests (no stay): Bar/apéritif (without dinner), Dinner cruise
  • Cruise guests (no stay and no restaurant)
  • Indirect customers (OTA, restaurant reservation platform, Veepee, etc.)
  • The ambassadors
  • Customers living in the Paris region
  • Former customers
  • Customers with a gift voucher
  • ...

✓ Offering tailor-made services

Depending on the information gathered on the type of stay at guest, the services offered are not the same:

  • Champagne bottle 🍾
  • Bouquet of flowers 💐
  • Balloons 🎈, etc.

Customers with reserved dinners are invited to make their menu choices via WhatsApp. 

Sightseeing recommendations are sent to guest and available directly on their phone, so they can take advantage of the concierge even when away from the boat. 

  • Points of interest near the boat 📍
  • The must-haves 📌
  • Examples of itineraries 🗺️ (48h à Paris, Journées enfants, Journées pluvieuses, etc.).

✓ Adapting the route for indirect customers

Customers via OTAs or dinner reservation platforms(Viator, etc.) have customized forms and services.

Post-stay newsletters also help build loyalty among indirect customers, by encouraging them to return for birthdays or trade shows. These campaigns are configured by distribution channel, and enable the hotel to retain these customers by encouraging them to book directly. 

✓ Gathering customer feedback

VIP Paris has set up several surveys to measure customer satisfaction. The survey links are differentiated according to the customer. For example, customers with a Gmail e-mail address will receive a link to post a review on Google, to make it easier to post reviews. 

The results

➤ Additional sales generated by e-mail: €3,000 per month
➤ Additional sales generated by SMS and WhatsApp: €1,000 per month
➤ Open rate for transactional e-mail campaigns: between 76% and 100%
➤ Response rate for WhatsApp campaigns: 55%.

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