Online round-table: How to humanise a digitalised customer relationship?


Digitalisation does not mean dehumanisation. Our habits in the way we manage our relationship with our customers in the hotel industry have been strongly impacted over the last few years, with increasingly digitalized exchanges. But how can we humanise exchanges when everything is digital? How to be warm by e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp without overdoing it? 

The question is not whether the customer relationship should be digital or not. But rather, how to integrate a more human contact and convey the closeness that one would like to establish with the customer.

The finding

With all the exchanges that are becoming digital, one may well ask whether the hotel industry is losing its human contact, so characteristic of the profession. With the rise of QR codes, SMS, instant messaging, room services on tablets, online check-in and other digital channels, how can the human contact and proximity with the customer be promoted? 

The hotel school teaches its students how to deal with customers, but what about WhatsApp or SMS exchanges? 

When the customer has already checked in and completed all the administrative procedures (payment, police form, health pass, mobile key, etc.) how should he be welcomed ? What do we ask him when everything is already taken care of? 

Some of the topics discussed at the round table:

☞ The check-in is not the welcome
☞ It is the human who dehumanises technology by not using it in the right way
☞ A chef never serves a dish before tasting it, have you ever had a staycation?
☞ What language or tone to adopt via SMS or WhatsApp?
☞ How to train teams to humanise the relationship
☞ The key moments(moments of truth) in the guest journey

The speakers

To discuss these topics you will meet Thomas Yung, Founder and Manager of Artiref and My Hotel Reputation, Gilles Le Bras, Director of theRochechouart Hotel) and Bruno Lanvin, Founder of Dmbook Pro and Senior Customer Success Manager at LoungeUp.

The format

No long speeches, presentations or monologues, the round-table format will allow for discussions, interruptions, examples and questions. At the end of the session, you will have had concrete examples and methods to apply in your institution. And you will be convinced (we hope) that digital and human are complementary!

Take advantage of this opportunity to come and ask us all the questions you never dared to ask about the digitalisation of exchanges and to submit the problems you have in your hotel!

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