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✪ Success Story: The Palace de Menthon

Introducing The Palace de Menthon

  • 67 rooms and suites
  • 5 stars
  • Member of the Lavorel Hotels group
  • Location: Menthon-Saint-Bernard (Haute-Savoie, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpe)

Technology in place: 

Their results with LoungeUp 📈:

  • Thanks to the pre-stay campaigns, The Palace de Menthon gathered 198 personal e-mails within 4 months and generated €20k in additional sales.
  • The e-mail campaign to prepare the stay (pre-check-in, guest preferences, upsell, etc.) had an 85% open rate, a 49% click rate and 30% of e-mails were answered.
  • In just 4 months, the establishment generated €30k in sales and recorded over 80 new bookings following the sending of personalised marketing e-mails.
  • 11 minutes average time spent on the Guest App.

The Palace de Menthon, part of the Lavorel Hotels group, is a 5-star establishment that combines refinement, luxury, and comfort. The establishment boasts 67 elegant rooms and suites, plus a private villa, and is ideally located on the shores of Lake Annecy, in the Haute-Savoie commune of Menthon-Saint-Bernard.

A gourmet restaurant with beautiful Art Deco-inspired glass roofs, a cocktail bar named 1906, and a bar with a waterfront terrace by the sandy beach, offer a complete culinary experience.

The facility has a complete capacity for personalisation and tailor-made expertise for business and private events, with 950 m² of lakeside space for up to 240 guests.  

Recharge your batteries and relax in an exceptional setting: that's the promise of this hotel's relaxation area. It's the ideal place of escapism, to completely disconnect and find rest and soothing relaxation.

Best practices at Palace de Menthon

  • The hotel targets OTA guests prior to arrival with a campaign sent out the day after the reservation to retrieve guests' personal e-mails.
  • The Palace de Menthon automate pre- and post-stay e-mail campaigns to reduce the workload of reception teams, who used to spend between 2 and 3 hours per receptionist manually sending information to guests.
  • The establishment offers a "Go Green " option before and during the stay, allowing guests to forego cleaning their rooms to reduce water consumption and the pollution caused by cleaning products and detergents.
  • The Palace de Menthon has set up an automatic e-mail campaign 2 months after departure, offering guests a discount code and inviting them to return.
LoungeUp has simplified our communications with guests, freeing up our teams to focus on their welcome and relationship with a guest. By personalising our marketing communications, we have succeeded in boosting additional sales and guest loyalty. It's a genuine marketing tool for improving and personalising the guest experience, while generating targeted upsell relevant to each guest. The digital guest portal is perfectly aligned with our sustainable approach, while facilitating access to services and information.
- Laura Napoletano, Guest Relations at Palace de Menthon

The project with LoungeUp

In their quest for excellence, the Palace de Menthon chose LoungeUp to facilitate and automate communications with guests, while relieving operational teams of repetitive tasks.

Personalising the guest experience is essential for The Palace de Menthon: anticipating needs and surpassing expectations is vital for this high-end hotel.  

Their commitment to an eco-responsible approach led them to choose a web and mobile application to promote their services instead of the traditional paper Room Directory. The integrated ordering module facilitates access to services for guests.

☑︎ Customise and facilitate the guest experience of every establishment 🎯

The Palace de Menthon aims to personalise communications and the guest experience as much as possible throughout the visit.

They use the Guest Profile database to better understand guests' needs, improve the welcome they receive, and offer personalised services before arrival and during their stay.

This database centralises all the establishment's guest data that comes from a variety of channels: pre-stay forms, PMS, e-mail exchanges, etc.

The hotel reuses this cleaned and enriched database to segment its guests and personalise the messages and offers sent to them.

Some segments they have put in place include: 

  • 👩‍💻 Business guests 
  • 🧳 Regulars (with more than 2 stays within less than a year)
  • 🍽️ Hotel guests with restaurant reservations

Each guest receives offers tailored to their loyalty level, profile and preferences.

☑︎ Harmonising group communication 💬

The hotel is part of the Lavorel Hotels group, and thanks to the CRM dedicated to groups, the hotel also has information on guests who have stayed in the group's other establishments, to be able to send them campaigns and offers in line with their preferences already saved in the database.  

Thanks to the centralisation of guest data in the enriched Guest Profile database, and very fine segmentation, the group can create and send highly personalised, targeted newsletters to specific segments.  

For example, they have prepared campaigns to introduce their guests to new restaurant menus or to offer exclusive luxury experiences. 

Thanks to its e-mail campaigns, the establishment generated €30k in additional sales in just 4 months, and recorded over 80 new bookings.

☑︎ Relieve operational teams and facilitate the guest's stay ⏱️

The hotel decided to automate pre- and post-stay e-mail campaigns to reduce the workload of the reception teams, as each receptionist was spending between 2 and 3 hours sending information to guests manually.  

With LoungeUp, this communication is now automated and ultra-personalised, freeing up valuable time to concentrate on higher value-added tasks such as welcoming guests and offering them specific support. What's more, these campaigns enable the establishment to offer additional services, enabling them to generate additional sales even before the arrival of a guest.

Benefits of these campaigns: 

  • 📥 Gather guests' personal e-mail addresses to expand the hotel's guest database for future communications.
  • 🏨 Share relevant information about the establishment and the surrounding area, and recommendations with guests prior to their arrival
  • 💳 Enable guests to personalise their stay by indicating their preferences and filling in the check-in form, ensuring a smooth and speedy arrival.
  • 🌟 Gather guest feedback following their stay
  • 💕 Build guest loyalty and encourage them to book at the establishment again  

The results of these e-mail campaigns speak for themselves: 

  • The pre-stay campaign had an 85% open rate, a 49% click-through rate and 30% of e-mails were answered.
  • In just 4 months, thanks to these campaigns, the establishment gathered 198 personal e-mails and generated €20k in sales.

☑︎ Showcasing an ecological approach 🌱

The Palace de Menthon wants to highlight the establishment's services and recommendations for their guests, while preserving their sustainable image.

The establishment is part of the La Clef Verte ecolabel, an international environmental label whose establishments are committed to an effective ecological approach.

To this end, and in order to avoid a paper welcome booklet, the hotel has put in place a digital guest portal, a native web application that combines the room directory with a service order module, a digital press kiosk, an online chat, etc...

By scanning the QR code in the reception area, guests can access all the hotel's services in just a few clicks.

Since the beginning of 2024, the most consulted Guest App pages have been:  

  • 🍽️ The restaurant: guests can consult the menu of the gourmet restaurant and reserve a table while indicating whether they have allergies or special dietary requirements.
  • 🧖🏻 Wellness: the range of services is available, and guests can book a treatment or massage to help them relax. There is also information on the swimming pool, hammam, and fitness room.
  • ⛰️ Recommendations: the establishment puts forward tourist recommendations for discovering the region.
  • 🛎️ Introduction to the Hotel: history of the establishment, environmental charter, practical information, safety, pet-friendly services...
  • 🎭 Events at The Palace de Menthon: the hotel organises various events such as Easter egg hunts, Candlemas tea parties, or special Valentine's Day dinners.

To highlight their sustainable approach, one of the sections of the guest portal allows guests to decline the room cleaning service, helping to reduce water consumption and the pollution caused by cleaning products and detergents.

Guests can forego cleaning for one day or for the entire duration of their stay to reduce their environmental footprint.

They also highlight this option on the pre-stay form sent to visitors prior to arrival, to facilitate operational management of room cleaning.

The results of using the guest portal are very positive: guests spend an average of 11 minutes per session, which is very high for this type of support and shows real interest.

The results 📈

Pre-stay campaigns with 85% open rate, 49% click-through rate and 30% e-mails answered

198 personal e-mails gathered and €20k in sales generated thanks to these campaigns before the stay‍

30k euros in sales and over 80 new bookings in just 4 months following personalised newsletters

The average time spent on the guest portal is 11 minutes.


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