A new visual identity for LoungeUp

Since its creation almost 10 years ago, our company LoungeUp has evolved enormously and our solution is no longer the same. We therefore felt it was time for a complete overhaul of our visual identity to better align with our current positioning.

For nearly 10 years, we have been listening to our customers, scrutinising consumer usage, our teams have been learning about the latest technologies, and all of this has been incorporated into our solution. As a result, it has evolved significantly!

During this period we also had the opportunity to acquire our first company (Dmbook Pro in December 2020).

10 years on, the LoungeUp solution has evolved from a mobile app for hotel guests to become the most advanced hotel operations and guest relationship management platform on the market.

We have grown from our first few visionary customers in 2012, who understood that guest behaviour and expectations were changing, to today around 3000 properties across 40 countries who use our platform to optimise their processes, maximise additional sales, increase guest satisfaction and build loyalty.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Véronique Courjault of the Hotel Les Jardins d'Eiffel in Paris, who was the first to place her trust in us in 2012 and with whom we continue to work with great enthusiasm and pride.

The start of a new academic year felt like the right time to formally define, through this new graphic identity and new website, LoungeUp’s positioning and values now and in the years to come.

A new brand image but the same values

We wanted our new visual identity to convey the values that have always shaped our company and determined the direction of our development: 

  • Innovation: We enhance our solution on a continuous basis to meet evolving guest expectations and we invest heavily in technological infrastructure to ensure the security and longevity of our solution.
  • Flexibility: The LoungeUp solution is designed to be adapted to each of our guest’s specific needs, allowing them to personalise the experience they offer their guests to a maximum.
  • guest support: We aim to distinguish ourselves beyond the intrinsic features of our solution by delivering quality support to our guests. If we had to define our service, we’d say we provide quality, proactivity and that little extra something for our clients.


We wanted to rework our graphic identity with a degree of continuity (same name and same coral colour) while more clearly infusing the elements and values that characterise us today.

The new logo therefore combines the following elements:

The first two elements represent the two main functions offered by the LoungeUp solution:

guest relationship management

One of the two main pillars of our solution. 

Managing guest interactions and information sharing, personalised upselling, customer data management and guest retention actions are all features that help our establishments manage their relationship with their guests.

Process management

The second pillar of our solution.

Management of arrival and departure procedures (signing of the registration form, bank pre-authorisation, mobile room key, payment); follow-up of tasks and guest requests; and to-do lists and the knowledge base for teams are all examples of features offered that allow LoungeUp’s customers to work more efficiently and devote more time to their guests and to developing their property.

Customer satisfaction (in more ways than one)

This element of the logo is crucial because it represents both one of the main benefits we generate for our customers and our n°1 priority as a company.

Essentially, by enabling a fluid and personalised experience for the guests of the hotels, holiday rentals and campsites that we equip, our solution directly contributes to an increase in satisfaction and therefore in the reputation of these establishments.

This can be measured in concrete terms, as we regularly find our customers ranked among the best properties in a given destination.

At the same time, as a company, we are firmly convinced that customer satisfaction is the key to our long-term success because our customers are loyal and often become our ambassadors, which allows us to devote even more energy to enhancing our offer and supporting them, thus creating a circle of virtue.  

Customer satisfaction is our n°1 priority and we hope that this is reflected in our support team which is available to all our customers in French, English and Spanish, by phone, email or chat, but also in our sales team who are close to our customers, humble and courteous, as well as in our internal technical team who are committed over the long-term.

The LoungeUp “L”

Our logo is now more recognisable and allows LoungeUp to be identified more easily thanks to this shape which resembles the letter L.

A big thank you to Axelle Gizard from Menzao for helping us formalise our new graphic universe.

TL;DR : We have a new website and a new logo 🎉


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