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Success Story: Les Méditerranées Camping Villages & Spa

Mediterranean presentation

Les Méditerranées Campings Villages & Spa comprises three 5-star campsites by Marseille's beaches: Nouvelle Floride, Charlemagne and Beach Garden. These luxury campsites are ideal for vacations with family, friends, or as a couple, and offer numerous restaurants, bars and bakeries, as well as a wide range of activities.

  • Beach Garden: 886 pitches
  • New Florida: 470 locations
  • Charlemagne: 463 pitches
  • Indoor and outdoor aquatic areas; Spa
  • Multi-sports grounds; games rooms; shops

Their technological equipment:

Results with LoungeUp 📈 :

  • Between €9k and €12k per month in additional sales
  • Campaign open rates of up to 96%.
  • 70% of application traffic on the native Les Méditerranées application (downloaded by guests)

The project with LoungeUp

☑︎ Standardise the guest itinerary, while adapting it to the specific needs of each campsite.

Each of the three campsites has its own identity, and therefore its own campaign templates. The guest itinerary is similar, but the messages and timings are adapted.

The framework is the same for a harmonised experience, but the services that are highlighted differ slightly depending on the equipment available.

The Guest Portal brings together in a single application:

  • ℹ️ Welcome booklet: presentation of the campsite, the team, important information, presentation of equipment, values, etc.
  • 🍕 Ordering services: catering, bar, equipment rental, paying activities, etc.
  • 📍 Tourist recommendations: favourite areas, walks, points of interest, museums, restaurants...
  • 🗺️ The interactive map with recommendations
  • ☀️ The weather of the week
  • 📆 The entertainment schedule: evenings, tournaments, activities, etc.
  • 🗞️ Digital press
  • ⭐️ Mini satisfaction surveys
  • 🚇 Local transport
  • Troubleshooting /assistance during your stay
The application is intuitive and easy to manage. We have full control over the content, which we can modify as often as needed in real time, which comes in handy for updating our entertainment programmes! If we need help, the support team is highly responsive and efficient. It's a tool that sets us apart from our competitors by offering an interactive experience to vacationers who use it on a daily basis during their stay.
- Cécile Danvel, Communications & Marketing Manager

☑︎ Relieve operational teams ⏱️

Automating pre-stay contact is essential to facilitate the work of the teams in charge of guest relationships. 

🪪 Online check-in

Online check-in enables the information required by the campsite to be automatically retrieved prior to the guest's arrival. Upon arrival, the reception no longer has to take care of guest information.

At this stage, the guest enters any additional information required for their stay: cot, chair, etc., as well as the dates of birth of accompanying guests (to identify the number of minors).

✍️ Registration form

The registration form is completed by guests the day before or the day of arrival, and can be signed directly on their phone. For guests who have not completed the form prior to arrival, we recommend that it be signed on a tablet at reception, to avoid having sheets of paper to fill in. Thanks to an online form, the information about a guest is pre-completed, and all that's left to do is sign.

☑︎ Accelerate the arrival process 🚘

The guest has checked-in online prior to arrival. If they are coming by car, they are asked to enter their number plate and make of vehicle. On the day of arrival, the gate opens automatically, saving a considerable amount of time and already eliminating a point of friction from get go.  

Guests can go straight to their pitch and enjoy the campsite, while a member of staff meets them to make sure their arrival has gone smoothly.

The queue at reception for mass arrivals is drastically reduced, to the delight of vacationers who don't have to wait after several hours on the road, and to the delight of reception staff who don't have several guests to deal with at the same time. 

☑︎ Making it easier to pay for the stay💰‍

Deposit payment

Deposit payment is integrated into the guest journey thanks to the LoungeUp connection and the Payzen payment service provider (PSP) (by Lyra). Campsites are relieved of the burden of managing the deposit check. Customers complete the bank pre-authorization before their arrival, and a reminder is sent to those who have not done so 3 days before their arrival.

Last-minute guests have to pay a deposit and check-in online at the same time, as the booking window is reduced.

Guests who have booked a bare plot do not have to pay a deposit when checking-in online.

Payment at the end of your stay

From the departure list, the reception can charge customers at the end of their stay if needed with just a few clicks. The amount can be changed just before the remote payment. The campsite is also protected in the event that a guest disputes the payment, thanks to the bank pre-authorization made before arrival.

☑︎ Increase sales of additional services 📈

Selling additional pre-stay services is an extremely important upsell opportunity. 

Services that work best:

  • 🛏️ Sheets and towel set
  • 👶 Chair and cot, baby kit
  • 🧹 Cleaning service
  • 🐶 Extras for pets...

☑︎ Inform guests about the many activities and entertainment at the campsite 📆

At campsites as large as Les Méditerranées, digitalising the relationship with guests makes it possible to keep them informed from anywhere in the campsite.

The entertainment schedule lists the week's activities and events, for which customers can sign up in just a few clicks. They receive updates and reminders about activities that interest them, and can contact the person in charge or the reception with any questions.

The guest portal is multilingual, allowing guests from all horizons to be informed in their native language.

The results

➤ Additional sales of between €9,000 and €12,000 per month
➤ Email campaign open rates of up to 96%
➤ Response rates of 53%
➤ Average sales of €1.5 per guest
➤ 70% of traffic on the guest portal is on the downloaded mobile application
➤ 15,000 users per month (in high season)
➤ 14 pages consulted on average per session
➤ Most popular languages consulted: French > English > German > Dutch > Danish > ...

Discover Les Méditerranées


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