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Offer guests a streamlined experience by introducing mobile keys into the guest journey

Guest relationship & internal operations

About LoungeUp

LoungeUp is a guest relationship and hotel operations management platform

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About Onity

Onity is a supplier of electronic locking solutions with mobile key option, electronic in-room safes, minibars, and energy management systems.

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Why use LoungeUp + Onity?

Provide easier access to rooms

Give your guests control over their stay: they can access their room and your hotel's facilities using their own smartphone.

Reduce costs

No more lost and stolen cards, the guest's phone becomes the key to their room. See how much you can save.

Simplify check-in and check-out

Reception staff save time, no longer needing to encode or update key cards. Guests have quicker access to their rooms.

With LoungeUp, mobile keys are seamlessly integrated into the guest journey in an ultra-personalised way, optimising their use.

Kevin Viaud

Country Manager France, Onity


We are working closely with Onity's technical team to ensure a rapid and secure implementation.

Lionel Tressens

CTO & Co-founder, LoungeUp


Get rid of key management

Enter the room number you wish to assign to your guest in your PMS and let LoungeUp automatically provide it to them.

The link is sent by 
e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp

LoungeUp verifies the guest's identity beforehand

Your guests have easy access to your facilities

The mobile key can be used to open the guest's room, and also give them access to the lift, gym, spa, etc.

The guest downloads the key onto their phone and can use it as many times as they like, even without internet, until the end of their stay.

Include mobile access as part of your services

The mobile key integrates perfectly with your other services. On the same portal, your guests can order room service, chat with the reception, read newspapers and magazines online, request a spa treatment, etc.

Mobile keys update automatically in the event of a room change


Frequently asked questions

How does the guest get their mobile key?

LoungeUp automatically sends a link to the guest by e-mail or SMS allowing them to access their room key.
The guest enters their booking number and receives a code either by SMS or by e-mail (much like validating a bank transaction).
All they have to do is hold their phone up to the lock to open it.
At the end of their stay, the mobile key deactivates itself. It also will automatically update if the guest changes rooms, for example.

What does the hotel manage?

The reception team does not have to do anything, just enter the guest's room into the PMS.
LoungeUp links your PMS to Onity to obtain the mobile key, verify the identity of the guest, and send it to them securely. 

Can I still use physical keys?

Yes, both types (mobile keys and physical keys) can be used in conjunction.

Do mobile keys work on all mobile devices?

Yes, the technology works on all iOS and Android smartphones. No matter the kind of smartphone the guest has, they will be able to download and use their key. All they need to do is activate the device's bluetooth connection. Once downloaded, there is no need to go on the Internet.

Can multiple guests in the same room access the mobile key?

Yes, you can generate as many keys as needed per room, there is no limit.

How do we make sure mobile keys are secure?

LoungeUp verifies the identity of the guest requesting the key through double authentification. All data exchanged is encrypted.

How much does the LoungeUp - Onity connection cost?

LoungeUp does not charge an additional subscription fee for the module, a one-off implementation fee is charged on launch.

I already use Onity, how can I benefit from LoungeUp?

Click on the "Request connection" button, a LoungeUp consultant will contact you to show you how the solution works with Onity.

I already use LoungeUp, how can I benefit from Onity?

Click on the "Request connection" button, an Onity consultant will contact you to show you how the solution works with LoungeUp.

I already use both solutions, who should I contact?

You can send an e-mail to support@loungeup.com or call +33 (0)1 84 16 82 20 to contact our support team.

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